Hybrid & Fitted

  • Crabby Pants hybrid fitted cloth diapers are soft, squishy, and absorbent!  These diapers are ideal for babies with sensitive skin.  While not waterproof, they're highly water resistant.  Made with a special polyester fleece called Windpro, these diapers are top of the line.
  •   Hybrids have 3 layers to each diaper: the outer fabric which is usually a cotton or polyester knit fabric with a decorative print.  The hidden, which is the Windpro fabric, and the inner made with either cotton or bamboo velour.  
  •   Inserts are made to snap into hybrid diapers and are made with two petal soakers; 4 layers of heavy bamboo fleece.
  • Our fitted diapers are constructed the same as our hybrids except the inner layer is made of bamboo fleece more extra absorbency.
  •   Each one size diaper is made with either a fold down or snap down rise to serve as extended use for babies 8-35lbs.