Diaper Care

You've ordered your first cloth diapers, congrats!  Now here is how to care for them:

It is always recommended to "prep" your diapers.  That means to just do a wash cycle before they are used on baby. 

All fabrics are washed and dried at least once to remove dirt, chemicals, or dust from production and to preshrink fabrics.  Please note: we do not prewash with detergent as an allergy precaution.  Inserts will need to be washed many times to reach their maximum absorbancy (approximately 10 washes).  We suggest using Tide detergent, but please research what detergents will work best for you and your family.  You can use inserts during these washes, just know they will absorb more once they are fully prepped.  Natural oils take a while to remove.


A typical wash cycle:

First a rinse with a little detergent with cool or warm water.

Next a full wash cycle with hot water and a full amount of detergent.

This should be sufficient, but some like to run through another cool rinse just to be sure all suds have been fully removed to reduce chances of build up in diapers.


Crabby Pants Company advises line or hang drying for diapers.  It helps to keep the longevity of the elastics from wearing out, and the fabrics from breaking down.  We don't recommend using a dryer.

How much detergent you use depends on your diaper load size, detergent you are using, and the hardness of your water.